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The fact that the administration backed a tax reform plan that enshrines an exemption for private jet owners has only confirmed for its critics their sense that Trump’s party cares inordinately for the well being of the 1 percent. This is not the case; this solicitousness is rather more accurately geared toward the 1 percent of the 1 percent of the 1 percent. There are only around 22,000 private jets in use worldwide, and even a majority of these are simple minivan size craft and other puddle jumpers, commonly flown by hobbyist pilots; they would strike most observers as less luxurious than alarming.

Lananna, who is now director of athletics at Oberlin College in Ohio. Mr. Lananna had always outfitted his team in Nike’s cheapest and least structured shoe. Que es un argumento bastante egoísta, suponga que yo tuviera un salario muy superior al de ud. Y con lo que me detraen de mis ingresos se estén financiando muchos servicios públicos de los que ud. Disfrute y yo no, en fin hay un sinfín de ejemplos que ilustran este argumento.

610: James Harden has the second longest active streak at 257 straight games, 610 fewer than LeBron James. James’ streak is more than the next seven active streaks combined.50: According to the Elias Sports Bureau, James has more 50 point games in his career (11) than single digit scoring games (8). He, Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain are the only players in NBA history to have accomplished that feat..

Fundamentally, I wanted to own my music. I wanted access 24 hours a day, every day, online and off; I needed to play mashups and other random recordings I acquired over the years, alongside commercially available fare. It was my library, and I didn’t want to pay $10 a month for the privilege to use it..

Mi amiga A. D. Vive actualmente en la casa donde vivieron los Aznar Botella antes de mudarse al Palacio de la Moncloa. Ottenberg fully in the entourage of her celebrity friends. She pressed him into service as a judge, alongside Pharrell Williams and the model Erin Wasson, on her reality show “Styled to Rock,” where he dispensed tough love advice to aspiring designers hoping to create red carpet looks for rock stars. He is frequently recognized on the street and pressed into posing for selfies..

“We said, ‘Give us some insight. We’ve never had our first period. Tell us some stories,'” Marquis said. El dominio de Ricky Rubio de las dos manos jugando al baloncesto tiene un origen curioso. “Cuando empecé a jugar, tiraba con las dos manos y Josep María Margall, que estaba en El Masnou como entrenador, me dijo que tenía que decidirme a tirar con una sola mano y decidí hacerlo con la derecha, aunque reconozco que la mecánica de tiro nunca ha sido mi fuerte”, explica el jugador en la revista ‘Gigantes’. “Soy ambidiestro y según qué cosas los hago indistintamente con una u otra mano..