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Apple’s now spreading its powerful A7 chip across the top tier of its mobile products line. Although the company assiduously avoids details about mobile CPU clock speeds, we know that the A7 is a 64 bit dual core CPU that runs at roughly 1.3GHz. Amazon is currently packing Snapdragon 800 quad core CPUs in its new line of Kindle Fire HDX tablets.

His fight. The robe goes on. A sip of orange drink. For the most recent Breeders’ Cup, the team at Conover Tuttle Pace decided to focus its efforts around the story of Zenyatta, the undefeated female horse who had become a star for her dancing, Guinness sipping ways and thrilling, come from behind finishes. The team’s Zenyatta focused social media efforts included creating a dedicated Twitter handle for Zenyatta to tell her story and share news and exclusive updates. They also seeded the Breeders’ Cup YouTube channel with race footage, relevant fan videos and World Championship race videos, capped off with a viral, Zenyatta v.

Baltzell’s argument that the honorable rivalry was undone by crass commercialism and the personalities it created gathers its strength by de emphasizing or overlooking evidence that would contradict it. Two of tennis’s greatest players, the Australians Rod Laver and Ken Rosewall, had a rivalry that spanned two decades, beginning in the 1960s, as they barnstormed the globe as gypsy pros, playing one night stands for money on a roll up canvas court they toured with 141 matches, according to a tennis historian named Robert Geist. Money corroded neither their mutual respect nor their friendship..

La primera vez que vi a Julio Victoria tocando, en agosto del 2008, vestía como tenista y su camiseta estaba salpicada de polvo de ladrillo. Luego de entrenar, me invitó a su casa en el barrio Chapinero de Bogotá para mostrarme los tornamesas Technics que había comprado dos aos antes y los vinilos que había traído del sur de Alemania en donde jugó Interclubes durante tres veranos seguidos. Habló de house y techno.

The conflict spurs Diana to follow Steve into the world of man, and although it’s a shame to leave Themyscira behind, it’s no less compelling to watch Diana try and navigate our world (or at least a version of it, circa World War I). Wonder Woman has plenty of fun with Diana’s fish out of water situation, and Gadot’s reactions are priceless as Diana learns about corsets, department stores, and women’s suffrage. She’s even better when paired with the hilarious Lucy Davis, who plays Steve’s secretary Etta Candy..